SOFI acts as ...

  1. a place of networked expertise, of exchange of experience and ideas,

  2. a clearing house for human resources and financial opportunities, a platform for bundling people and for working in partnership,

  3. an organization with societal and social ideals and vision,

  4. a goal-oriented organization with a drive !

SOFI’s themes include ...

  1. People banking : enabling forms of self-help finance such as credit unions, guarantee mutuals, community finance initiatives,...

  2. Microfinance : designing inclusive financial instruments for local and small scale initiatives and the financially disadvantaged;

  3. Post-conflict regeneration: reconstructing financial sectors, relaunching financial short circuits and housing finance;

  4. Financial frameworks: setting up and strangthening sector infrastructure and networks;  Improving banking regulation.

  5. New welfare: improving the quality and flow of government and donor funding to better meet the needs at the street and field levels;

  6. Banking on Culture : developing financial instruments adapted to the cultural and creative sectors.

  7. Old Age Finance : ensuring appropriate stakeholder control of Pension Systems and developing financial services for old age.

  8. New monies : developing and testing innovative monetic techniques, complementary currencies, clearing systems, ...

SOFI’s geographical focus ...

Areas of intervention included so far Europe (both Western Europe and the transiton countries of Eastern Europe), Africa (especially post-crises areas) and the Middle East. Actions on other continents are not excluded a priori.