SOFI founders and board members ...

  1. Christophe Guene, Economist, specialised in micro-finance, international networks, donor relations, banking regulation, EU-institutions, complementary currencies & clearing systems.

  2. Christian Rousseau, Commercial Engineer, specialised in social economy lending, ethical rating.

  3. Jean-Marc Van Nypelseer, Physicist, specialised in cooperative banking, national networks, fundraising.

  4. Michel Wolff, Lawyer, specialised in old-age finance, bank guarantees, credit law, social economy law.

SOFI asbl ...

not-for-profit association founded in 2002 under Belgian law (modified statutes published in the annexes of the Belgian Official Journal dated 20/03/2006). VAT and enterprise registration nr (Brussels): BE 0862.828.064


BRUSSELS contact:

Rue de la Tourelle, 47 - 1040 Brussels - Belgium

tel +32 2 230 7787

BERLIN contact:

Malplaquetstr. 41 - 13347 Berlin - Germany

tel +49 30 4199 3445




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